Essential Oil Bags & Accessories

Well done, you have found the best range of essential oil bags & accessories!

Each Peach bags are made with the best quality materials that I can source.

They are all 100% designed, cut and sewn by me in my little sewing room.
While my prices can’t compete with big box stores, I know that my products are top quality and made with love.

My essential oil cases are designed with ease of use and the safety of your oils in mind. For instance, they are all fully padded and leak resistant. My bags also feature easy open snaps and wide opening zippers.

I have a rainbow of fabric options to choose from. In addition, there are lots of bag and wallet types to suit your needs. There is everything from a small wallet to keep in your handbag, to a large bag to carry your essential oil diffuser. I’ve also ensured there is a range of price points, with something for every budget.

With your Each Peach bag you can take your daily essentials with you everywhere, to work or on holiday, never leave your oils at home again!

Need a custom essential oil storage solution? Feel free to send me a message here and I’ll do what I can to make it happen.

Thanks for checking out my essential oil bags & accessories range!