Beautiful ways to display your oils at home

Wooden stand holding essential oils

I want to introduce you to Zita Norton of Ebb and Flow Market!

She makes the most amazing, wooden essential oil display stands.

I bought this gorgeous little number as I loved that it has a handle.  I have lots of diffusers around the house.. well.. maybe a few too many.  This wooden paddle is perfect to take from my oils box in the office, all around the house to fill all of my diffusers.

The kids love using it too.  They can get their fave oils and go to their rooms to use their diffusers.

using my essential oil holder
leaf oil holders

I really love these beautiful little stands too!

These stands are great little display pieces if you’re like me, and have oils all over your house.

Have a look at these lovely leaf stands, or even this super cute heart stand.

These ones aren’t big enough for you?  Get yourself the 40 bottle rotating stand, with room for everything!