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Welcome to the Each Peach small business feature page!

As a small business myself, I support Australian small business.

I would love to feature you! 

Scroll down to see the Australian small businesses that I have written articles for.

If your Australian small business is all about a product that is complementary to mine please email me at so that we can help each other. 

Having links to your website on other websites is huge for your SEO, it tells Google that you are a trusted source for your products.  Reciprocal feature articles do amazing things for both of us.  I write an article on you, featuring photos of your product and a brief write up plus all of your social links.. and you do the same for me.  No product needs to be exchanged, it is free for both of us and is a total win win!

What products would I love to feature?  There are so many…

Products to do with essential oils like stands, DIY ingredients, vessels, jewellery, images, stickers, ready made body care, business planners etc.

I love handmade so let me know if you create amazing things (even if they aren’t related to essential oils) and are able to do a feature about my business on your website too.

Now let’s see.. what handmade stuff do I love and would like to feature…

Stickers to put in my business planner, I have a Cricut so anything to do with that is great, I’m a bird nerd so bird stuff is cool, low tox or no tox products, beautiful books, cute pots for my succulents.

Let’s create reciprocal features for each other, to boost our websites.  Support small, support each other!

using my essential oil holder

Beautiful ways to display your oils at home

I want to introduce you to Zita Norton of Ebb and Flow Market! She makes the most amazing, wooden essential oil display stands.....